complete system for managing your hotel business

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you can manage everything, the reservations, the rates, your employees, the access credentials to the system up to the type of display that you prefer of your site (images and texts), in any place from work from home from the holidays just an access to Internet

with your own website, you can offer your customers better prices , can handle their reservations personally, you can manage your guests' comments, you can manage your own website to improve customer satisfaction

change online
Change online

Choose your style your template after you can change, all the settings and all the contents of your site, all setup changes are immediately active in your management and all changes to your content are immediately online.

three level access
more level access

There are various levels of access can be divided into several modes, three main one or more superusers having total control over the entire site, and other levels of access as a manager (front desk) or administrative or simple user.

booking engine
Booking Engine

Two reserve engines, one external for all users to check availability and make their own reservation, one inside to check the availability of all the rooms and be able to place new bookings or modify.


Anywhere at any time you can manage or change your settings (change a price or change permissions for an employee) or your content (change a photo of an event insert a video) to your site, just a smartphone.

Web Management Function

web site full of all the features you need to manage your business.

Booking engine

Booking engine

Essential for bookings of your guests
multilevel user control

multilevel user controll

multilevel user controll
fully edit site

Edit site

Fully edit site
calendar reservation

Calendar reservation

Calendar with all your reservation

language editable

Language edidable
invoce and email

invoce and e-mail

Invoce reserve
booking engine inside

booking engine inside

new reserves checking availability
Check-in Express

show and edit reserve

Show and edit reserve
week event display

week event display

week event display


many templetes available
Payment page

payment page

payment page
portable site

management Portable

management Portable